Not ready for a managed IT support contract yet?
Why not try our ad-hoc service. In effect, you pay as you go.

We specialise in tailored, fixed-rate, support contracts but we are of course more than happy to assist you on an ad-hoc basis.

Our hourly rates are competitive and we always work quickly.

We also keep an eye on the time we spend with you - if we find you’re seeing us regularly and we believe you would benefit from a support contract, we will let you know.

Ad-hoc, or Pay-as-you-go, IT Support is design for customers that have a limited budget to support their IT system. It is a more reactive approach to IT problems rather than the preemptive solution.
Pay-as-you-go IT Support offers support if and when you most need it. Our charges are by the hour, with a minimum of one hour per incident.

We have no call-out fee.


is typically the initial choice for new customers as they want to gain confidence with services.

The immediate benefits are:


  • No minimum contract obligation.

  • You only pay if and when you need our Ad-hoc services.

  • You can upgrade at any time to the Monthly Support contract.

Ad-hoc IT Support Features:

  • Telephone Support

  • Remote PC and laptop Support

  • Remote Server Support

  • On-site Support

  • Time related charge. Minimum one hour per incident


There is no pro-active monitoring included with ad-hoc IT Support.

Ad-Hoc support can resolve most of the issues that our contracts will deal with, the main differences with ad-hoc support are:


  • No preventative maintenance - with our ad-hoc support we only work on your system when you tell us you have a problem, therefore we will never catch potential problems before they arise

  • lower response times - We provide a high level of service to all of our customers, but if we have an issue with a contract client we will always aim to resolve that before any issues with ad-hoc clients - this is because we have a much greater obligation to our contract clients.

  • More manageable costs - With ad-hoc support you can manage costs as they arise - this is good for small businesses as you may only use our services occasionally.